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Medical Billing Services

We are a US Based Medical Billing company that hirer only US Billers so we can provide the best medical billing service on the market to you. We take our job very seriously and it shows in our hiring process. We understand the games insurance companies play. It’s not enough to just process charges. You need skilled billers who will fight for every penny that is owed to you as a medical provider. We understand that medical billing IS YOUR REVENUE. That’s why we hirer only the best. You will know exactly the billers that are assigned to your practice…Read More

Aging, Collections, Appeals

With a busy practice, it can get rather time consuming to follow up with unpaid insurance claims. It’s unfortunate to see so many medical providers walk away and leave money on the table because of the headaches that are associated with working unpaid claims. With our skilled staff of medical billers, we are happy to help you recapture revenue that is sitting on the table. We have an incredible track record. We can be your secret weapon against unpaid insurance claims… Read More

Consulting Services

Are you a practice that experiences seasonal busy times but don’t want to necessarily hire full-time staff only to have to let them go when your busy times pass. Sometimes you just need a short-term resource to get you through the busy times. Maybe you could use a helping hand from one of our expert medical billers or coders to assist in processing charges, follow-up on unpaid claims, or offer guidance with new coding requirements? At Matrix Medical Billing, our billing resources are available to offer support during your busy times. Let us help lighten the load… Read More

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